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The PettyBreakers


The Petty Breakers

I am somewhat of a purist in that I don’t like using tricks in Photoshop.  But there are times you need to layer a Photograph.  Here is an example.  This picture is a composite of two shots.  The stage at Infinity - Pala Casino is fairly large and it is almost impossible to get a good tight angle of the entire band.  Presto! Photoshop. Adobe, please add layers to the next release of Lightroom. This was my fist attempt to make a composite photo. And it needs some more work.  I have a new appreciation for those publishing GA guys/gals.
Tom Steady 
(Ozzie Mancinelli) TP
Tenmont Bench 
(David Zeman) Keys
Mike Ramble
(John McAllister) Lead Guitar
Ron Flair
(Dan Leoni) Bass
Stan Flynch
(John Perkins) Drums

Photographer’s Notes:

Cameras Used:

  • Canon 7D 

Lenses Used:


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